TBRU is a party with a purpose. Our international Bear family comes together in Dallas, Texas for a Big Bear Reunion – a time we see our Bear friends from all over the world. It is always fun to see some many familiar faces and to meet new ones. TBRU feeds our souls, but it also does a lot of good work in the community. Each year the Dallas Bears take the proceeds from TBRU and donates them to local charities. The members of the Dallas Bears, and friends, work diligently all year long to produce a fun event run entirely by volunteers and to raise as much money as possible for our charities. In 2012 at TBRU 17 we gave $58,000 to local charities.

We hope that you will consider coming to Texas Bear Round Up. With almost 2,000 fellow Bear community members, Food, Entertainment, Tasty Refreshing Beverages, Games, Contest, our Infamous Hospitality Suite and much, much more you are destined to have a wonderful time.