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Mrpibearian is a 36 years old Bear, from Houston, Texas, United States.
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6' 3" (190 cm) 
Dark brown 
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Beard and Moustache 
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Caucasian (white) 
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Hi Everyone!
Long overdue for an overhaul here, so bear with me.
Great big superchubby bear here, early 30s and working in academia in the Houston TX area.
Just on the lookout for friends here. I live with my partner of 4+ years and we're doing the monogamy thing (no judgement on open guys, fyi, done it myself, but just not my situation this time around).
Always happy to compliment a handsome guy though (I'm not dead!). And a friendly belly rub is always nice too :)
I'm not particularly worried about someone being my physical type for us to socialize, so don't worry if you think you aren't my type. I'm more worried about being able to communicate, share some interests etc.

I travel for work sometimes around the US. Just depends where the conferences take me. But it's always nice if I get a chance to grab dinner with someone friendly while I"m in town and have a break in my schedule. Though keep in mind, I messed up my leg a couple years back so I have limitations and use a cane as a minimum to get around.

Obsessions and hobbies? Well, I'm a homebody at heart. Definitely prefer a quiet night in or with a small group of friends.
I have a thing for stories in a variety of forms. In a lot of ways that's just a fancy way of saying I watch tv and movies, but I've usually also got a book or two on the go and even enjoy a good play on the odd chance I get to see one. Myth and magic are often my fav focus there but really I get dragged into things for quirky reasons, so go ahead and try and sell me on your favourite book.
I also have a compulsion to watch every horror movie I can, even if it's terrible. But there's no accounting for taste is there?
Also been getting into games, both board and video. Play a bit with a group at work for board games. Played some magic too, but found it difficult to just be a casual player in that crowd. As for video games, tend to be more casual game based (playing plants vs zombie or splatoon more my speed)

In person you'll find I'm a lot quieter than I was chatting with you online. I tend to be really shy and introverted, but I tend to be more of a listener anyway (perhaps this could count as life stories instead?). But I do have a laugh that's been called distinctive and has summoned people from the other sides of buildings, and I love it when someone can make me laugh :)

There really aren't too many deal breakers in terms of talking to me. I might find it more difficult to talk to you while you're drunk or stoned, though some people handle it well. And if you put your sad/depressed foot forward first I might have difficulty seeing past it to the wonderful person there underneath. There are people in my life battling depression, but they were able to show me who they were and I came to care very deeply for them.
Oh yes, and I can ramble under the right circumstances if you hadn't noticed already :P

My Xbox one and wii u IDs are Pibearian though admittedly I only have few games I play so far

Houston, Texas, United States
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