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bosscj is a 58 years old Musclebear, from Billingham, Cleveland, United Kingdom.
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6' 1" (185 cm) 
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Dating, Relationship 
Caucasian (white) 
In my own words:

You and your body will be my property.
You will give up all rights to me
.I will own your mouth, ass, dick, balls.
You will commit to be my exclusive property, and you will not serve anyone else in any way unless I choose that.

This will not be live-in, and you will continue your schooling/work, but this will be full-time ownership where I am in full control 24x7, even though you will not always be in my presence.
You will maintain relationships with your family and friends. This will be discreet except where I decide to make your slavery known.I will control everything about you and your life.

Slave will be fully submitted to my satisfaction and pleasure. You will not be my boyfriend, but my slave and my property. I won't be your sugar daddy, but your master. This will not be a relationship where 'fairness' is discussed. This will not be about your satisfaction, but mine. Although it is likely you already have or will develop a strong sense of personal satisfaction from pleasing your Master.B. Sexual control. I will use you for my sexual satisfaction. You will suck me and I will fuck you often. What I want. When I want it. You will be my fag. I might share you with others at times, but it will always happen under specific conditions I define, including use of condoms (only I will fuck you bareback, any others I allow to fuck you will use condoms). You will give up control of your own sexual satisfaction to me, and accept that your sexual needs will not be a priority. You will spend much or even most of your time locked in chastity. You will cum only when I allow it, and you should expect that to be rare. This will probably be difficult for you and I will enjoy watching you struggle with this realization.C. Body control. You will always be nude in my presence. You will be required to maintain high standards of personal hygiene, and keep yourself ready for Master's use. I will dictate your grooming (usually keeping you hairless and smooth), as well as clothing and hair style if I choose. After becoming my slave, in 3-6 months, I will require a tattoo marking you as my property. I may choose other tattoos and piercings as well. I will require slave to be healthy, and may require exercise and diet changes to shape up slave to my satisfaction. I may require you to wear some form of collar in public. Others may not understand what it is or means, but you will know exactly what it means.D. Health control. Your health and safety will be important to preserve my property. I will protect your health.E. Social control. I will know who your friends are and will have final decisions over when/how you spend time with them. You will earn freedoms.F. Schedule control. I will expect you to meet your school and work obligations, but I will know your schedule. Outside of those obligations, I will exercise final decisions over how you spend your time, giving myself first choice to meet my needs. This will not be about what is convenient for you, but me.G. Financial control. I will not use your funds for myself, but will control how you spend the funds. Including using those funds to make you a better slave. You will be responsible with your finances.H. You will be denied privacy. You will always be nude in my presence. You will not be allowed to urinate or shit behind closed door. You will answer any questions about your life I ask. You will provide me access to your phones, computers, email, and social media accounts.I. Service. In addition to sexual service, you will also serve other needs, including household chores and errands. If you don't have the necessary skills, you will learn them. This might include cleaning, laundry, cooking, errands, lawn work, etc.J.
I will use bondage, blindfolds & gags, isolation, sensory deprivation, cock & ball torture, tit torture, punishment, humiliation, spanking, chastity, denial, ass play, and other forms of BDSM to train you, and to entertain myself.K. At times, I will use extended isolation or bondage. Slave may initially find himself bored, but will learn to use this time to think about serving me.L. I will be harsh and cruel at times, and tender and gentle at others. Regardless, you will submit fully. This will never be about what you are in the mood for; you will always eagerly submit to what I am in the mood for.M.

Billingham, Cleveland, United Kingdom
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