Idendity as:
Mount Union, Pennsylvania, United States
Body type:
Dark brown 
Here for:
Friendship, Relationship 
Caucasian (white) 
In my own words:

I am the type of guy that is truly warm and kind-hearted, I want to believe the best of others. I value harmony and cooperation, and can be very sensitive to other people's feelings. Highly observant, I have an exceptional memory. It isn’t uncommon for me to remember a facial expression, conversation, or an event in precise detail years after it occurred if it left an impression on me.

I am the type that will speak up when I feels someone really needs help, I have a strong sense of responsibility and duty. I take responsibility seriously, and can be counted on to follow through. People tend to rely on me, even if he have a difficult time saying no when asked to do something. I don’t like conflict and tend to place the needs of others before my own. I’m not that great at expressing my own needs or desires, which is why I’m normally taken for granted and at times feels over-worked.

I like to know that I’m doing things right, I’m the type that likes to know I’m doing a good job or that the person I’m helping is pleased and likes what I’ve done. I like knowing my work or efforts haven’t gone unnoticed, I don’t like to admit it but I’m proud and like to meet or exceed the expectations other’s have. I have a hard time apologizing if I was wrong at first, but given time I do apologize because I don’t like holding a grudge.

I’m the type that would be very committed when in a relationship, if I care about you and have real feelings for you I’d make my intimate relationship with you my first priority. I’m the type that wants a monogamous relationship, and can be depended upon to be faithful and loyal to you which I hope you’ll be to me as well. I’m the type that sees intimacy as a tangible way of strengthening a relationship, of strengthening the bond you and I may have. Though I may not be very wordy about expressing my love and affection, I’m likely to do so through how I treat you, the things I do for you, and how affectionate I am towards you or with you.

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