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erikjon is a 57 years old Musclebear, from Lawrence, Kansas, United States.
Idendity as:
Body type:
6' 7" (200 cm) 
Body Hair:
Very hairy 
Here for:
Fun, Whatever 
Marital status:
Single / never married 
At least 3 times a week 
Caucasian (white) 
Sexual Role:
In my own words:

I'm bi; you????? And I smoke/party so deal men....Use and post all you want on my very hot


I made this website for ALL of us - no matter what your walk in life. It is in Tumblr format, so PLEASE POST/TALK/INTERACT now!

I'm Erik. I also have 3 small monthly sex parties. Please email me direct if you will come.

You like my new pic of my tattoed back? Crazy I know.... Love to smoke while getting blown. Love bi everyone.

1. I'm trashy, but at least I admit it.
2. Love sex in strange places/outside.
3. LOVE getting sucked through glory holes.
3. LOVE pounding a married woman in front of her husband.
4. Get off on Black and Hispanic cocks, semi un-cut.
5. I have a huge smoking fetish.
6. I have a huge jock fetish.
7. I am definitely addicted to hard core porn.
8, I have a never ending sex drive; multiple cummer.
9. I can stay hard after I cum.
10. I am bi and love every minute of it. At this age, with a few party materials, a hole is a hole.
11. Party materials are welcome.
12. Short/long term guests welcome - come/go as you please.
13. Group sex parties.
14. Outdoor sex.
15. Restrained sex.
16. I am most certainly a dom top. However, if I have had a few whiskey's, you can fuck my mouth to death and I will swallow every drop.
17. I love to sit around and jack off.
18. I love to DP girls.
19. I will fuck ass/pussy through a glory hole.
20. What else should I add to this list men?

I'm on a very fun journey right now of fucking married men's wives for me. Possible future swinger here.

And I am bi, so deal with it. Let me know if your wife/girl wants this big horse cock/balls. I can fuck a hot steamy real cunt just as easy as a hot man hole. I love to DP chicks, so let me know. I will suck your cock nonstop while fucking a chick.

And I love fucking married bitches to death while their husbands watch. This is what one
I do have a very huge thick cock, 12x9 and I do know how to use it. Bigger with poppers/cock rings. Ex-military. I am a total dom top, and hopefully you'll do as we both need. I am a very take-charge type man. I'm very tall, 6-7, 200 pounds, so no one will fuck with you when you're around me, that is for damn sure.

Cock rings and ball wraps rock.

I do have a thing for very huge thick Hispanic/Black cock, therefore I will give you non-stop blowjobs. I suck off several straight men; I get them cumming in no time, so obviously I know what I am doing. Some of them even bring their wives over to then ride my horse cock....

I have been on SD for many years and have met many nice men. Sex and no sex. I have a huge sex drive that never stops, I cum several huge loads a day, I jack off constantly sometimes, and if I'm partying - I tell people that I'm "smokin and strokin".

Bear in mind that I've been around the block many times, so you can tell me anything you wish - nothing will shock me. The older that I get it seems the trashier I get. But I think that I'm loving it!!!!!!!

Oh yes, and I love my Marlboro Menthol shorts - want one?

Would love to meet regulars in the area or consistent traveler/visitors. I have a beautiful home and am glad to host. I pay all expenses while you are here. Would love a live in sex partner. Open relationship for me.

Let's don't talk bullshit - be serious with me. Let's chat - private me, text me, send me emails, whatever you like. Love to entertain and have company - no pressures about anything.

Are you bi? I can swing either way. If you like dirty bookstores and sucking through glory holes, private me for sure. I have a smoking fetish and white jock fetish, so lets party. Group sex is totally awesome. I want to watch you suck cock while I bang your ass. Let's ride on my new Harley... You can never have too many friends :)) Lets have fun!! Life is what you make it. Message me and tell me about yourself and what you're after!

I'm also very much after friends out of the bedroom as well. I love to entertain, cook, have friends over, and make each day count as if it were the last.

If you want to text, that's cool, but put your SD ID# in the text so I know who you are. If you email, please do the same.



Lawrence, Kansas, United States
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