Dating Profile, furrymanps, Palm Springs, California, United States

furrymanps is a 54 years old Bear, from Palm Springs, California, United States.
Idendity as:
Body type:
Weight (Kgs):
6' 1" (185 cm) 
Facial hair:
Beard and Moustache 
Body Hair:
Very hairy 
Here for:
Fun, Dating, Friendship, Relationship, Whatever 
Marital status:
Single / never married 
Caucasian (white) 
Sexual Role:
Top / Versatile 
In my own words:

Hairy bearded biker types into boots, leather, kink, toys, mutual assplay for hours, ff (top), bb or safe, I seriously don't care what size your cock is. Big moustaches, thick beards, long hair are pluses and can make up for lack of body hair. Positive is good, I'm positive (28 years) and undetectable. Not into musclemen and gymrats, they make me too damned self conscious, unless they profess to be perverts and really into a man my size. However, I have a soft spot for "boys" of any age who are significantly smaller than me, they get a waiver on the body and furry requirements for wanting to be daddy's little plaything.

I would really like to have a fuckbuddy, I haven't had one in years, someone to run the roads with, do fun stuff, flea markets, car shows, work on cars or build things, hang out with in a bar and if we can't find someone to hook up with go home and fuck each other. Or nap together (one of my favorite things). Or just sleep next to each other because it's nice (I'm an excellent teddy bear).

I don't get out and about much, 28 years of HIV meds and a bout of cancer chemotherapy have taken their toll and some days are just not good. But I absolutely need to get out more, move around, meet people, and reshape my life.

I'm 6", cut, so there ya go, but I am talented with hands and tongue. And toys.

I moved from a large place to a tiny apartment, so I'm not set up to host at this time, unless you're very forgiving of too much stuff in too small a space. I realized the other day that my apartment is a pretty good illustration of my mind: overcrowded with odd and interesting things, kind of a disorganized mess, and sometimes dirty. Hopefully I'll be in a larger place soon and can set up the sling, etc, but for now I can barely turn around in here.

Palm Springs, California, United States
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