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littlebluewolf0 is a 23 years old Cub, from Silverdale, Washington, United States.
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5' 11" (180 cm) 
Dark brown 
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Dating, Relationship 
Caucasian (white) 
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Well im an odd person. i will be honest, im a cuddly person i need to be able to hold and love on the one im with. i want to hold u in my lap and shower you with love and kisses and affection. some one who would love to go out and and dance together and sing and laugh yet be just as happy snuggling watching a silly movie giggling cackling and eating hot pockets and jelly beans. that is who i am i love to see some one smile. im awkward and silly and vary odd. and honestly im just looking for some one who wants to one day get married ^>^.

relationship :well hiiiiiiiiii! ^o^ ask to find out! :3 I figured I would put some out there, this is the little about me. I'm a very straightforward person always choose to have the best view of everything possible, however I tend to be very cuddly, I love the show people how I feel because often on cannot bring to words what I feel about people.i'm very loyal and I always choose to be somewhat protective of the person I'm with however I can be shy sometimes. I do have a tendency to worry about whoever I'm dating what they think about me, how they view me, and if they really like me, I know it seems a lot… However, unfortunately I have been strung alongtoo many times to count so honestly, I will not stay with the person if I don't feel that I have a future with them. However I always try to be the smile in the room that makes everyone grin.I tried to be the happiest guy because happiness is infectious. I live life with a smile and I believe that everyone should, even through the worst things in the world if you have one smile and a hand to hold anything is possible so always be a smile and a hand for anyone who needs a hold of anyone who needs a smile

OKEY see ya guys later message me if u want ^o^

Silverdale, Washington, United States
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