Emello Deejay

Emello Deejay

Emello Deejay born in the middle of the 70s in the south of france. Fred whooperates under the alias Emello - grew up with the sounds of funk anddisco thanks to family of night-clubbers.

In the late 80's he discovered house music trought the likes of Inner City, Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins and Derrick May. Ever since his destiny was obvious; to spread this new music, introduce people to its energy, to ignite the dancefloor was his purpose.

He started Dj-ing in the 90's at bars in his area and his name was quickly being picked up. Then he moved to the bigger clubs and impressed his audience with his ability to capture the dancefloor.

After his first party with names Dave Clarke, Jeff Mills, Jack de Marseille, Deetron, Green velvet, Monika Kruse and many more, he broke trought as a householdname and ever since , he plays at bars and clubs throuhout France, Spain and Italy with the ambition to break throught in the world. He's becomean icon in the dance community gay with a sound based on house, tech house, progressive and deep house, a mix that is irresisstible and won't let you stay in your seat for long.

The music and the rythm are the essence of the life.