Can I change my username or my e-mail address after I've joined the site?

Yes. This can be done by clicking the "Change Username" link under the My Settings navigation area.

How do I delete my account?

You can delete your account from your Settings -> Cancel.

Can I limit visibility of my WOOFdate profile?

Yes. Under the My Settings navigation area, click the Privacy Privacy button and select your desired profile privacy options.

My profile is not update when I add details!

It's because a field is not fill, take care of red messages. If you don not see a green bar saying that your profile has been saved, there is a field not filled.


How can I upload a Profile photo?

Please go to your profile page, and choose Edit picture -> Change picture option in the sidebar menu of your profile page.


Your Big Paw subscription rates seem low compared to other sites. Why is this?

To be honest, we really want to offer everything you need for free. Please take a look at our Membership Plan Comparison to see what sorts of extras are part of the big paw plans.

No answers?

Please contact us via email, or you can find us trout our WOFFdate profile too.