Mr. Bear Hungary

Mr. Bear Hungary

In August the organized the election of Mr. Bear Hungary what we followed with grand attention from the start. Candidates was in fair number, both at Cubs and Bears were 7-7 persons. We was very sad, when these numbers decreased to 4-4, but fortunately all those who were on the first places stayed in finish. At couples was started with one pair, so this category didn’t start at this time.

In early September the voting in SMS was started on We talked about it and got excited – who will be the winner, who is the favourite bear. At Bears Tomi was on the top, Donci and Norbi fighted for the second place. At Cubs MFiu was repeatedly topped on the list, but very many times Attila was on the first place – how he was the winner in this turn.

The weekend was coming – the Budapest Bears Team feverishly preparing in Magnum, and the members of Medveklub in the Action Bar, because these places was the spots of the Mr. Bear Hungary. On Friday night in Action Bar was full-house. The contestants are on the small stage in front of too many people. There was a big size of the crowd, it was impossible to move. Norbi at Bears and MFiu at Cubs was the winner at this round.

Saturday in the Magnum behind the scene the contestants are waiting for the night, and the guest was talking about the last night. The interest for the contest didn’t decrease, because the staff gave bag to guest instead of cabin key because all the cabins are taken. The really match was here: the guys show himself in street wear, in swim suit and they was in a game where the have to guide a table tennis ball in a weared trousers from one leg to another leg. We was suprised, because on this turn the winner was Lacoste and Attila at Cubs and beetwen Bears Norbi got the most points.

The final result was a big suprise… for the contestants. Nobody think the result at voting in SMS is very close and the turns on spots will change everything. It’s very interesting in each turn the results didn’t same.

  • Internet/SMS voting: attila26 (42,86 %), mfiu (34,29 %) and cool2bear (11,43%)
  • Action Bar: mfiu (41%), attila26 (28%) and lacoste (21%)
  • Magnum Sauna: cool2bear (35%), lacoste (35%) and attila26 (15,71%)

The final result of Mr. Bear Hungary 2011:

  • 2nd place on Mr. Cub: Attila, the winners is MFiu
  • 2nd place on Mr. Bear: Donci, the winner is Norbi

The latest Bear Kings, Laci and Holaca give the wanderer price and the band. Shortly after this event the bears jumped into Bear Disco on Margaret Island, where the organizers and the contestants had one’s fling with the members of Medveklub and some non-hungarian guest. Maybe we had a hang-up by weather and closing by police, the party was very hilarious – we dancing half-naked for biggest oldies hits and we singing hoarse on karaoke performed by MC Bearface.

You think, will it in next year? YEAH it will! After this very successful weekend it isn’t a question…


Sziasztok. Szerintem jó buli lehetett. Én õrülök, hogy vannak és léteznek olyan emberek akik tudják mit is akarnak az élettõl .Nem leélik az életüket hanem élik és alakítják.
Az esély mindenki részére adott.
Az a kérdés mersz-e élni vele és élni az életed...


Köszönöm mindazoknak akik rám szavaztak, nem nyertem de jövõre nyerni fogok Smile
Szerintem a részvétel volt a fontos, és jól éreztem magam Smile nagyon jo volt a hangulat a versenyzõk között, szerintem mindenkiböl a legjobbat hozta ki ez a verseny. A macibuli a margitszigeten eszméletlenül jo volt, köszönet a kareoki vezetöjének bearface80-nak, mert a kareoki szereplöinek a hangulata a csillagos eget verdeste.