Mr. Bear Hungary

Mr. Bear Hungary

We elected the nicest bear guy of Hungary in the Mr. Bear Hungary 2012 competition. The election has divided 4 sections: first time in the internet at WOOFdate and further in the events of Budapest Bears Weekend.

The first occasion where the nominees appeared and everyone could meet them personaly was in the Action cruising bar in Budapest on Friday. The bears became in the biggest bear-friendly gay sauna of Budapest called Magnum on Saturday evening. Here we could see the nominees with just a towel and the guests of Magnum could vote them in the third round.

The rest of the night passed in the Adonis Club nearby the Magnum in the heart of the Capital. That was the peak of the weekend: in the last round we could know the personality of the nominees. During the calculation of the votes Pete Statham – the establish member of the BearForce1 – gave a huge show there.

Finally the result the Mr. Bear Hungary 2012 is:

  1. Laci (Player) the holder of the Mr. Bear Hungary 2012.
  2. Attila262626 (Attila) and Pig_Bear66 (Balázs)
  3. Vérmedve (János)

Congratulations the Winner and cool guys for their participant. Woof!