Our Guide profile is for companies, groups or professionals who want to be listed in our Guide.

A Guide profile is similar to a Dating profile, except that it's for companies, associations, groups and other businesses or organizations. You can manage your own profile, upload pictures, contact other users and find friends.

Registering and administering a Guide profile is really easy and requires no special knowledge.

Guide profiles are listed in the Guide. Other users can find you there based on your category, the location where you're listed and keywords. You can register a Guide profile if you are a company, officially self-employed, or an association or group. You must also be established within the Gay Bear Community.

Why should I bother to register?

As a company or organization there are masses of sites on the internet where you can register to be listed or even have your own page. But what's the use if you're not reaching your target audience? A Guide profile makes it easy for them to find you and also for you to reach them. You can post information on upcoming events. Users can set your business as their favorite and link to your Guide profile so they can share information about you with friends and visitors to their profile. They can also see when something new comes up on your guide profile and get in touch with you using our integrated message system.

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