At the end of this September was held the annual Budapest Bears Weekend included the election of Mr. Bear Hungary. Compared to the previous years the events were differ a bit: there were the usual monthly parties by BudapestBears and the Medveklub but unfortunately there was not any real bear disco this year. But there was cinema with the premier of the very succesful BearCity 2 movie.

The voting similar to the previous year devided two parts: the internet-based votes and the votes on the spots (Magnum Sauna and Action Bar) added and it gave the final result. The online voting was supported by the WOOFdate site where the registered members could have voted directly there. The new voting method (one member-one vote) ensured the correctness of voting.

After summing of the online votes and the votes on the spots the final result of Mr. Bear Hungary 2013 is:

  1. Izmosmacit (Mr. Bear Hungary 2013)
  2. Tyros86
  3. Montu

Congratulation to the Winner!

Pictures: Xgergo